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Wildcard Online Invitational - Open Section

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Online Wildcard Qualifier Invitational: Determining the 8th Seed for the Grand Finale

The Belize Chess Federation (BCF) is gearing up for an electrifying event as it prepares to determine the final Wildcard entry for the Grand Finale through the Online Wildcard Qualifier Invitational. With five qualifying events in the books, numerous players have showcased their extraordinary talents, making the decision difficult for the BCF Board to select a wildcard. As a result, an invitational tournament was conceived to allow these exceptional chess players to compete and prove who truly deserves the coveted 8th Seed spot.

The Format

The Online Wildcard Qualifier Invitational is set to be an enthralling contest that will determine the most deserving player for the final spot in the Grand Finale. Here are the key format details:

1. Single Elimination: The tournament will follow a single-elimination format. Every game will be crucial. View bracket at:

2. Best of Three Matches: Each match in the invitational will be decided based on the best of three games. This allows players to showcase their consistency and adaptability during the event.

3. Tiebreaker Blitz Matches: In case a tie occurs after three games, a best-of-three 5-minute blitz match will be played.

4. Time Control: To maintain a competitive balance, each player will be granted 20 minutes for their moves. This time control strikes a balance between thoughtful strategy and swift decision-making.

5. Convenient Match Scheduling: To accommodate the players' schedules and ensure their best performance, matches will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for both participants.

The Talented Contenders: A Brief Look at the Seeds

The lineup for the Online Wildcard Qualifier Invitational is nothing short of impressive. Let's take a closer look at the talented contenders vying for the final spot in the Grand Finale:

1. Charlton Roaches (National Rank 3): As the 1st Seed, Roaches comes in with a strong reputation and has consistently performed at a high level in previous BCF events.

2. Maximilliano Novelo (National Rank 11): Novelo, the 2nd Seed, is the Number 1 player from Caye Caulker and is a formidable opponent known for his strong attacking style.

3. Cristobal Campos (National Rank 14): Campos, the 3rd Seed, has shown great opening preparation and has proven himself and the Number 1 Online Belize Chess Player.

4. Dinsdale Caye (Toledo Rank 1): With an impressive performance in online chess, Caye is determined to make his mark as the 4th Seed.

5. Zeyad Godoy (U15 Rank 1): As the 5th Seed and the top-ranked U15 player, Godoy join in on the competition to prove his worth against some of the best.

6. Gabriel Campos (Orange Walk Rank 3): As the 6th Seed, Campos is one of the top Blitz players in Belize.

7. Kelvin Baizar (Belmopan Rank 1): Baizar, the 7th Seed, was unable to attend any of the qualifying events however is one of our strongest online players in Belize.

8. Ivor Pixabaj (Stann Creek Rank 3): As the 8th Seed, Pixabaj was once one of the top players in Belize and is out to show that he is still a formidable opponent.

9. Roger Canto (2nd Place Cayo Tournament): Following an impressive second place finish in the Cayo Qualifier, Canto was unable to join another event. He looks to take full advantage of this opportunity.

10. Pedro De Armas (6th Place Championship Points): De Armas, coming in at the 10th Seed, Pedro was just 60 points short of qualifying for the grand finale based on Championship Points.

11. Reyhan Rosado (8th Place Championship Points): As the 11th Seed, Rosado knows that he has the potential to compete at the highest level.

12. Marric Elijio (Stann Creek Rank 4): Elijio rounds out the lineup as the 12th Seed, looking to surpass expectations in the invitational.

Exciting Round 1 Matchups

The first round of the Online Wildcard Qualifier Invitational promises to be an explosive affair, with players eager to make a statement right from the start. Here are the exciting matchups for Round 1:

1. Roger Canto, CY vs. Ivor Pixabaj, SC

2. Zeyad Godoy, OW vs. Marric Elijio, SC

3. Reyhan Rosado, BZ vs. Gabriel Campos, OW

4. Kelvin Baizar, CY vs. Pedro De Armas, BZ

As the Online Wildcard Qualifier Invitational unfolds, Belize chess enthusiasts can expect to witness excellent chess as these exceptional players fight for the final spot in the Grand Finale. The competition will undoubtedly showcase the depth of talent within the Belizean chess community and provide a fitting conclusion to the BCF's qualifying events. May the best player emerge victorious and claim the title of the 8th Seed in the Grand Finale, where even greater challenges await.

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