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Belize National Chess Championship Cycle 2023: Midway Update

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Excitement Builds as Belize Chess Championship Cycle Reaches Midpoint

Belize Chess 2023

The Belize National Chess Championship Cycle 2023 is currently in full swing and has reached the midway point! With three successful tournaments completed - The Orange Walk Qualifier, Cayo Qualifier, and Belize City Qualifier, Belize chess coming alive again and we can look forward to the upcoming events and the crowning of the National Chess Champion.

The BCF have been keen on learning from each tournament and incorporating improvements for future events. Analyzing what works and what doesn't work, they aim to create an even better experience for players and spectators alike. This commitment to refinement ensures that each subsequent event surpasses its predecessors in terms of organization and overall quality.

Overall results can be viewed here: Belize Chess Grand Prix | BCF

Upcoming Qualifiers

The last two qualifiers scheduled in the Grand Prix Championship Cycle are the Caye Caulker Qualifier on July 8th, 2023, followed by the Stann Creek Qualifier on July 22nd, 2023. These tournaments will provide further opportunities for talented chess players to secure their spots in the Grand Finals. The date and location of the Grand Finale will be announced after the Caye Caulker Qualifier, building anticipation for the ultimate showdown.

You can register for the two remaining qualifiers using the below link:

Open Section Contenders

In the open section, our first three players who have secured their qualification spot are:

Belize Chess

1. Michael Campos (Rank 8) - Qualified through the Orange Walk Qualifier.

2. Greg Vitko (Rank 10) - Qualified through the Cayo Qualifier.

3. Kenneth Perez (Rank 4) - Qualified through the Belize City Qualifier.

Among these three players, Kenneth Perez currently holds the highest seed with an impressive tally of 280 championship points. However, the competition remains fierce, with Steve Flowers (Rank 2) and Luis Mendez Jr. (Rank 5) leading the qualification race, boasting 240 and 160 points, respectively. The battle for the top spot in the open section promises to be intense, as these contenders showcase their skills and strategic acumen in the upcoming qualifiers.

Championship Points Leaderboard - Top 10
Open Section Championship Points Leaderboard

U15 Section Rising Stars

In the U15 section, young talents have been making their mark on the championship. The players who have already secured qualification in this section are:

Belize Chess

1. Zeyad Godoy - Qualified through the Orange Walk Qualifier.

2. Omar De Shield - Qualified through the Cayo Qualifier.

3. Francis Martin - Qualified through the Belize City Qualifier.

Among these aspiring chess prodigies, Nayven Quan currently leads the qualification race with an impressive 225 points. These young players exhibit immense potential and are expected to bring forth an exciting display of tactical brilliance in the subsequent qualifiers.

Belize Chess
U-15 Section Championship Points Leaderboard

The Belize National Chess Championship Cycle 2023 has reached its midway point, with three successful qualifiers completed and more yet to come. With Kenneth Perez leading in the open section and Zeyad Godoy setting the pace in the U15 section, the stage is set for a captivating conclusion to the Belize National Chess Championship Cycle 2023.

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