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Belize National Chess Championship Cycle 2023

Belize National Chess Championship

The Belize Chess Federation is pleased to announce the return of the Belize National Chess Championship Cycle. This highly anticipated event is making a grand comeback, promising an exciting journey filled with sportsmanship and intense battles on the chessboard. With a renewed sense of enthusiasm and dedication, the Belize Chess Federation is committed to providing a platform where the nation's finest chess minds can showcase their skills, compete at the highest level, and vie for the prestigious title of Belize National Chess Champion.

If you are a chess enthusiast, then the Belize Chess National Grand Prix is an event that you should not miss. This is set to be a thrilling and exciting series of tournaments that will feature some of the best chess players in Belize as they battle it out for the chance to be crowned the Belize Chess Champion. The Grand Prix will consist of five qualifying tournaments followed by a Grand finale that is sure to provide a great deal of excitement and entertainment for all participants and spectators.

Steve Flowers

Steve Flowers, President, Belize Chess Federation

"I would like to welcome players countrywide to our 1st annual Chess Grand Prix! Test your brain power and battle it out over the board for one of 8 seats to compete for bragging rights, Cash Prizes and of course, the coveted Chess Championship trophy! "

Qualifying Tournaments:

The road to the National Championship begins with a series of qualifying tournaments. Chess players from all over Belize will have the opportunity to showcase their abilities in tournaments held in Stann Creek, Orange Walk, Belize, Cayo, and Caye Caulker. The information for each qualifier will be posted on the website and the "Belize Chess Federation" Facebook page, so make sure to follow them to stay updated.

Belize National Chess Championship

Selection Criteria:

The selection process for the Open section of the National Championship is designed to identify the most talented and deserving players. Here's how it works:

  • 1st Place Winners: The top player from each qualifying tournament (a total of 5) will automatically secure a spot in the National Championship. In the event a previous winner wins another event, the second-place player shall qualify.

  • Top Point Accumulators: All players shall accumulate points throughout the events they participate in. The two players who accumulate most points across any two tournaments in the grand prix will also earn a place in the championship.

Points shall be awarded as follows: 1st place: 160 points 2nd place: 130 points 3rd place: 110 points 4th place: 90 points 5th place: 80 points 6th place: 70 points 7th place: 60 points All other participants: 40 points

All players are free to participate in all events however only points from their two best events of each player will be counted.

  • Wild Card Selection: The Belize Chess Federation Board (BCF) will select one "wild card" player, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the mix.

For our other categories:

  • Womens Category: Top 4 Females will be selected for Grand Finals.

  • Junior Category: Top 6 Juniors will be selected for Grand Finals.

Event Format:

The format for all tournaments in the cycle will follow a G30 (30 Minute for each player per game) time control.

Each event will have an Open section (open to all) and a junior section (15 and under).

The Grand Finale:

Once the qualifiers are completed, the top eight players of the open section will battle it out at a yet-to-be-confirmed location for the National Chess Championship. The final showdown promises to be an exhilarating event that chess enthusiasts won't want to miss! The winner will be crowned and the National Chess Champion of Belize!!

The grand finale will be a thrilling and intense double elimination tournament. The double elimination structure guarantees that each player will have multiple opportunities to showcase their skills and fight for victory, even if they face an initial setback. It's a true test of resilience, adaptability, and skill.

Seeding for Grand Finale will be determined based on total Grand prix points.

Double Elimination Bracket
Double Elimination Bracket for Grand Finale

Female Category

Top 4 female players will play in a double round robin to determine the Female Chess Champion of Belize.

Junor Category

Top 6 finishers from the Junior Section will play in a Round Robin tournament to determine the Junor Chess Champion of Belize.

Cash Prizes and National Chess Champion Trophy:

To make the competition even more enticing, generous cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of the National Championship. The exact prize amounts will be announced closer to the event date.

The Belize Chess National Grand Prix proudly continues a longstanding tradition set by the Belize National Youth Chess Foundation (BNYCF) - the prestigious traveling trophy. Drawing inspiration from the BNYCF, this esteemed tradition adds an extra layer of significance and honor to the tournament. The traveling trophy is bestowed upon the victors of each year's championship.

Belize Chess Championship
National Team Champions 2012 Supreme Pawns holding the traveling trophy

This coveted trophy not only celebrates the individual triumphs of the winners but also embodies the spirit of unity and friendly competition within the Belizean chess community. As the trophy traverses from one deserving champion to the next, it not only represents their triumph but also connects them to a lineage of past champions who have left their mark on the rich chess heritage of Belize.


With the stakes at their highest, the Belize National Chess Grand Prix promises to be a spectacle of strategic brilliance, nerve-wracking battles, and unforgettable moments that will crown the Belize National Chess Champion in a manner befitting the rich legacy of chess in Belize.

For more information feel free to reach out to us or any of our board members.

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