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Dag Ulvin Simul Exhibition

Dag Ulvin, a Norwegian chess player with FIDE ELO 2235 visited Belize in January 2020 on vacation. He reached out to the Belize Chess Community with the hopes of meeting chess players form Belize and sharing some of his knowledge and love of chess with us.

Mr. Greg Davis, one of our enthusiastic chess parents, offered to organize an event which would feature Mr. Ulvin playing a simultaneous exhibition match against some of Belize's chess players.

The event took place on january, Saturday 25th at the Department of Youth Services in Belmopan at 2pm. It started with Mr Dag Ulvin giving the players present a short chess lesson on tactics which followed by him analyzing a chess game from the Chess World Championships for the players.

Eight Chess players including Belize's ranked 1 chess player, participated in the Simul event which ended with Mr Ulvin scoring an impressive 8/8 wins. Following the simul exhibition match, Mr Ulvin played 3 minute blitz games against all those who were willing to challenge and in the end remained undefeated.

We would like to thank Mr. Dag Ulvin for his visit to Belize and willingness to hold this amazing event with us. We would also like to thank the Department of Youth Services in Belmopan for giving us the opportunity to use their facilities.

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