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Chess players face off against Master Nigel Short in historic chess event in Belmopan

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Grandmaster Nigel Short dominated a simultaneous exhibition match against 20 players in Belize, showcasing his skills and promoting chess development in the region.

Nigel Short
GM Nigel Short at the event

On April 12, 2023, twenty players from Belize and Mexico were given the unique opportunity to play a simultaneous exhibition match against Grandmaster Nigel Short, one of the most renowned chess players in the world. The event was held at the British High Commissioners Residence in Belmopan City, Belize, and was attended by players of various ages and skill levels. The players were able to test their skills against Short, who played twenty games simultaneously, moving from board to board.

GM Nigel short stopping for a short think

GM Nigel Short, a British chess player, is well known for his exceptional skills in the game. He is a former world chess championship finalist and has won numerous national and international titles. In addition to his playing career, Short is currently serving as the Director for Chess Development for the International Chess Federation (FIDE). In this role, he is responsible for promoting and developing chess globally.

The simultaneous exhibition match against Grandmaster Nigel Short started promptly at 2 pm and lasted for approximately 2.5 hours. The event was a true test of endurance for Short, who had to maintain focus and concentration throughout the afternoon, but he rose to the occasion and demonstrated his mastery of the game.

Despite the valiant efforts of the twenty players who participated in the simultaneous exhibition match, Grandmaster Nigel Short emerged as the victor, winning all twenty games. While this result may have seemed like a foregone conclusion, the players still gave it their all, and Short mentioned "It's quite tiring so I'm glad I won all my games because I had some difficulty in one or two games but it worked out well in the end.".

Nigel Short
Major Charlton Roaches was our last surviving player

The event was a huge success, with players from both Belize and Mexico showing great enthusiasm for the game. The twenty players who participated in the simultaneous exhibition match ranged in age with Kellen Harris-good being one of our youngest players.

The event was made possible thanks to the generous support of many individuals and organizations, including the Minister of Youth, Sports and Transport Hon. Rodwell Fergison, The British High Commissioner Nicole Davison, and the Belize Chess Federation. Wilberth Madrid and Gabriela Fuentez Diaz and their family also donated eight chess sets to the Belize Chess Federation, which will be used to help promote the game in Belize.

Nigel Short Belize chess Federation
The BCF Board along with GM Nigel Short and British High Commissioner, Nicole Davison

Overall, the event was a great success and helped to promote the game of chess in Belize and beyond. The players who participated in the simultaneous exhibition match against Nigel Short were able to learn from one of the best players in the world and were inspired to continue working on their own games. The event also served as a reminder of the power of chess to bring people together, regardless of their age, skill level, or nationality.

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