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Welcoming All to the Board: The Reopening of the Orange Walk Chess Club

Orange Walk Chess Club
Orange Walk Chess Club

In an inspiring turn of events, the Orange Walk Chess Club has been reactivated, bringing together chess enthusiasts from the vibrant town of Orange Walk once again. The Sandy Hunter Library serves as the perfect backdrop for this exciting endeavor, with the club meetings taking place every Saturday at 10:30 am. Spearheading this revival is the dedicated coach, Joshua Beaza, Vice President of the Belize Chess Federation (BCF).

The grand reopening of the chess club comes as a triumphant follow-up to the exhilarating Orange Walk leg of the prestigious Belize Chess Grand Prix. The energy and excitement generated by the tournament have paved the way for the resurrection of the Orange Walk Chess Club. This convergence of events underscores the growing chess culture in Orange Walk, where the thirst for competitive chess and the pursuit of excellence are palpable.

Players enjoying some blitz games
Players enjoying some blitz games

The first meeting of the chess club saw the participation of nine young enthusiastic chess players, both old and new members. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and camaraderie as they welcomed new members and indulged in some lively blitz games to set the mood for the journey ahead.

Joshua Beaza, the driving force behind the revival, expressed his joy and appreciation for the resurgence of the chess club. He was particularly delighted to see several young players returning to continue honing their skills.

Joshua Beaza, VP
Joshua Beaza, VP

Reflecting on their commitment to the game even during the club's inactive period, Joshua commented, "About the club, I'm glad that the chess club here in OW is active again, but I'm even happier that some of the kids I use to teach are back again to continue improving their game. After the club went inactive, many of them kept on playing on their own. For me, that is the best part about all of this, the fact that they kept on playing without the club. It shows that they truly enjoyed the game and kept up with it after all this time. Although some are rusty, they are still willing to get back in it and better themselves. Introducing the game to these kids, and igniting their love for it, is truly an amazing accomplishment for me. I hope that I can continue to do the same for the old and new players that will be at the chess club here in OW."

Zeyad Godoy
Winner of the U15 Section of the Orange Walk Grand Prix, Zeyad Godoy, can be see joining in on the fun.

Looking ahead, Joshua has even more ambitious plans for the chess players of Orange Walk. He is actively exploring the possibility of organizing summer camps to further enhance their skills and provide them with immersive chess experiences. These camps would serve as invaluable opportunities for the players to learn from seasoned professionals, engage in friendly competitions, and deepen their understanding of the game.

The revival of the Orange Walk Chess Club marks a significant milestone in the local chess community. With Joshua Beaza at the helm, guiding and inspiring the players, the club is poised to become a hub of chess excellence.

The Orange Walk Chess Club extends a warm and inclusive invitation to individuals of all ages and skill levels, embracing a diverse community united by their shared love for the game of chess.

For more information you can contact Joshua at +501 674-1980.

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