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John Paul II second annual Chess Invitational

On November 30, 2019, John Paul II Junior College held its second annual Chess invitational. The tournament was open to all players and all games were rated.

Daniel Rivera organized the event in collaboration with John Paul II Junior College and Alfred Awe was the computer Tournament Director.

22 players took part in the event including six of Belize's top players: Rank 1 Alfred Awe, Rank 3 Kurtis Valdez, Rank 4 Jerome Sho, Rank 5 Daniel Rivera, Rank 8 Ivor Pixabaj and Rank 9 Winston Castellanos.

Players focusing on their games
Players focusing on their games

The tournament started at 12:00pm and lasted until 5:00 pm. Time control for the event was G-15 (Each player receiving 15 minutes for each game).

After 5 rounds of play, Kurtis Valdez won the tournament with a perfect 5/5 score. Along the way he defeated Alfred Awe and Ivor Pixabaj.

Top 4

1st Kurtis Valdez

2nd Alfred Awe

3rd Jerome Sho

4th Luis Mendes Jr.

Congratulations to Kurtis on his amazing victory at the second annual John Paul II Chess Invitational.

Kurtis Valdez, 1st Place
Kurtis Valdez, 1st Place

Below is the standings for the tournament.

Final Standings
Final Standings

We would like to thank John Paul II Junior College for their amazing support. Hope to have another amazing tournament next year!

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