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BCF National Ratings May 2024

The latest tournaments have brought about significant shifts in Belize's Top 10 Rankings.

Belize Chess Federation National Ratings

Roachos and Perez Rising in Rankings, Kuang Lin Stand out Performance

Luis Mendez Jr., fresh from his triumph at the 6th Annual John Paul Chess tournament, has extended his lead over Rank 4 by a formidable 24 points. With his eyes now set on his goal of surpassing Greg Vitko in the near future.

Left to Right: Kuang Lin, Charlton Roaches, Kenneth Perez, Luis Mendez Jr,
Left to Right: Kuang Lin, Charlton Roaches, Kenneth Perez, Luis Mendez Jr,

Despite a somewhat lackluster showing at the 2024 Admirals Chess Tournament in Belize City, Kenneth Perez managed to gain 11 points, propelling him up by two ranking places to secure the fourth position in the national rankings.

Another standout performer in recent tournaments is Charlton Roachos, whose victory at the Admirals Chess Tournament catapulted him up by four places to claim the sixth spot in Belize. Roachos has always been one of Belize's Best and he continues to show it.

Thanks to her impressive performance at John Paul 6th Annual Chess Tournament, Ella Carvalho is now the highest ranking Female Chess Player in Belize! She is currently ranked 26th in Belize.

However, perhaps the most remarkable ascent in the rankings belongs to Kuang Lin. Following an impressive second-place finish at the Admirals Chess Tournament, which notably included a victory over Rank 20 Reyhan Rosado and Rank 4 Kenneth Perez, Lin soared an astonishing 25 places in the ratings. Now standing just shy of the top 20, at 22nd place.

Belize Chess Grand Prix 2024

Looking ahead, the Belize Chess Federation (BCF) is already in the planning stages for the highly anticipated Belize Chess Grand Prix 2024, set to determine the 2024 Belize National Chess Champion.

Stay tuned from the BCF for updates on the format and date of the events.

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